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Bhutan imposed self-isolation from rest of the world for many centuries. It was only in early 60s Bhutan was connected to India with it’s first highway connecting Thimphu the capital, to the Indian border. In early 80s Bhutan again got connected by air to India.

In 50 years time, now Bhutan has road connecting all provinces and directly connected to many countries with it’s direct flight from Paro international airport. It also has three domestic airports in central, east and south Bhutan. So for visitors can either enter Bhutan via land through India or could fly in and out directly.

Druk Air, the government owned airline is the only airline that flies to Bhutan with it’s fleet of 4 aircrafts. 3 Airbus A319s and 1 ATR.
Bhutan airline, a new private airline has started it’s service since October with daily flight from Bangkok only.

By Land

One can also drive from south west and east of the country through India. The nearest Indian (West Bengal) airport Bagdogra in south west of Bhutan is 4 hrs drive from the Bhutanese border town Phuntsholing. The other nearest Indian (Assam) airport Guwhati in south east of Bhutan is 2 hrs drive from the Bhutanese border town Samdrupjongkhar.

By Air

National Airlines Druk Air flies to following destinations:

Bangkok, Thailand (3 ½  hrs) DAILY FLIGHT
Sigapore (5 hrs) 3 TIMES A WEEK
New Delhi, India (2 ½  hrs) 6 TIMES A WEEK
Kolkatta, India (1 hr) 6 TIMES A WEEK
Kathmandu, Nepal (45 mins) 6 TIMES A WEEK
Dhaka, Bangladesh (45 mins) 2 TIMES A WEEK
Bagodra, India (25 mins) 2 TIMES A WEEK

Private Air line, Tashi Air, also  operates to the following destinations, Bangkok, Kathmandu , Delhi, Kolkata